Why Hire a professional when others can do the job!

Tree Surgery is a serious profession and goes far beyond cutting off a stray limb or cutting up a fallen tree into rounds. There is more involved, and we would say, at stake, than may at first appear. Here are 4 facts about Professional you can tell your friends.

1. Training

A career as an Arborist is first and foremost to be knowledgeable about safety, tree species, diseases and importantly, what the impact will be on your home.

From crosscutting fell and processing of trees, to safety wear, certifications and tree care, an Arborist is keen to keep safety a priority and maintain healthy trees for our future generations.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of tree species and their impact on the environment. Often removing a tree when birds are nesting or when the tree is growing presents can have detrimental effects on a tree and local bird populations.

We are trained to know the law and the consequences of tree surgery, and we work in conservation areas and green belts too.

2. Insurance and Safety Equipment

Our greatest asset is our home and for the majority of work we attend, it is the homeowner who is seriously considering either the removal or the reduction of a tree that is near their most prized possession.

Removing a tree may cause serious damage if done incorrectly, not only to homes and gardens but also to people nearby. A professional responsibly cares for the homeowner by ensuring they are fully trained, insured and use certificated safety equipment.

3. Experience Pays Dividends

It does also need mentioning that our trade is as a Professional Arborist. We work with customers on a daily basis and with larger businesses throughout the year to maintain trees and remove dead, diseased or dangerous trees as part of our day to day role.

We are experienced, and that experience pays back dividends as a Professional Tree Surgeon. Better equipped, an awareness over time and the key to being safe are all important to us and to you. Our reviews tell us too.

This correlates with the time we take and the way we leave a property all contributing to a smooth experience to enhance your garden or business.

Local Professionals know the land

4. Local Professionals Know the Land

Being professional is also about knowing your area and we are local professionals that manage our local area daily. We visit with regular yearly customers, and we know how to use the wood we produce and chips we collect to enhance the landscape around us and improve the lives of those living in our area.

Being local means you we have an interest in our environment. We support the replacement of trees which are removed and we assist in managing tree growth to enhance properties instead of leaving them barren and empty.

Choosing a professional is so much more than just a title, it is peace of mind, confidence in our abilities and overall a better solution for our environment.


Frankly, It is our job to know!

To reach out to us and discuss a solution why not contact us. We will be happy to assist with your enquiries.

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