How We Care for the Environment at Benson's Tree Surgery

Environmental sustainability is the principle of maintaining ecological integrity and ensuring the Earth’s ecosystems are not depleted or damaged by human activities. We like to adopt some responsibility to conserve and protect the environment to support the quality of life and wellbeing of current and future generations. 

It is also about trying to create a balance between human needs and the living world. The industry we work in means that from time to time we are required to cut some trees down, mainly for reasons of health and safety.

What do we do to help with sustainability?

When we visit our customers, we assess all trees very carefully to ensure we give the best advice on the care of the tree. As tree surgeons, there are times when we do have to fell/remove trees, however we will always attempt to find an alternative solution.

For example, we can prune or pollard trees to let more light into a property or garden. Where we have to fell/remove a tree, we will promise to plant a new tree in its place or will fund the planting of a tree in another location in partnership with Trees For Life, Scotland.

In this current climate, global warming is a very real concern so our aim is to help educate the community with our knowledge and always do our best to keep the trees we have whilst planting many more for future generations to enjoy.

It’s not too late for us all to work together and make things better for us all for years to come!

Contact us to be part of the solution to a greener Scotland when considering your local Tree Surgeon.

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