My Passion for a Greener World

Our environment is taking a beating. Some have even said the Arborist is a part of the problem and not the solution and there are often times when our soon to be customers reach the all-important question, what about the environment.

Indeed, the environment is our concern. From the smallest tree to the mighty oak, all are precious and need our care and attention to keep mother nature strong in an urban environment where we are all competing for space.

An Arborist does indeed remove trees, and often a customer may even request a stump be ground below the soil to appear as if it wasn’t there.

But… There is more to our role than the felling and removal of a tree.

As keen conservationists we are motivated to support our wildlife and keep our green belts green. From time to time there are the accidental incidents of a tree falling over, struck by lightning or diseased and requires surgery of the kind we provide, but all is not lost.

My focus from the day I went to work as a tree surgeon in 2002 was to make our environment better. Odd thought when the majority of the time a tree is at the end of a sharp chain saw.

I saw further than that misconception though. I wanted to be able to advise homeowners on how to pollard trees, how to prune or top trees safely to ensure they continue to grow healthy.

Today I am working closely to replant trees felled and advise my customers on what to plant to replace the trees removed for any of the reasons mentioned before.

What I didn’t know back in 2002 was the change coming to make our tools ecologically friendly too. Today a host of electric options are available to us which offer the same benefits as conventional fuel ones.

Of course, where we are able we look to find new solutions to make our environment greener and we look to improving our tools and the ways we work with customers to support the environment even further, returning trees back to the soil to support new growth in the future.

I take my role seriously and the environment is my concern as much as yours. Being outdoors in the fresh air drove me to seek out my passion and knowing I am making an active difference to growing more trees for future generations fills me with pride.

I look forward to helping you make your decisions going forward, and getting in contact for a quick chat is a great way to start.

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